A great way to save water and encourage deep roots

deep wateringThe soil in raised beds can dry out quickly in the summer heat.  Emptied two-liter bottles can be buried deeply, pierced with a needle or hat pin and filled with water to encourage plants to root more deeply.   The slow release watering saves on water as well.

To prepare the bottles, pierce four holes towards the base of the bottle in a vertical line about one half inch apart.  Turn the bottle a quarter turn and repeat the pattern of piercing.  Repeat two more times to end up with four vertical lines of mini holes.  Fill with water and screw on the bottle cap to slow the flow.

The needle can be heated in a candle flame to make piercing easier.

Try it!


Grow Big Yields Of Organic Vegetable In A Small Backyard

back cov pic smA small space is no obstacle to growing big yields of delicious, nutritious vegetables when we put intensive gardening methods to work.  It’s a matter of pushing boundaries by spacing plants densely, growing them higher vertically, and for a longer season than with traditional gardening methods.  Such intense cultivation also requires excellent soil fertility.  All of these aims can successfully be achieved in a small space with a little know-how and some inexpensive resources. Continue reading